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They turned this breed into a companion and show animal.

Blue merle english bulldog. Producers of top quality merle blue lilac tri color and champion english bulldogs. This is a widely used term but is not correct. We have a paid waiting list for our puppies.

At planet merle the sky is the limit. Merle affects only eumelanin and does not affect phaeomelanin red which will appear normal. Love our many photos videos of cute lilac merle tri shrinkabulls bulldog puppies and.

The blue and black tri colors are the original colors. We create the most beautiful color combinations in all the universe. Breeding only the very best blue english bulldogs frenchie puppies.

Black merle dogs are often called blue merle because of the blue or grey color between the patches in their coat. Puppy english bulldog born. Shrinakbulls rare exotic merle color bulldog puppies color in blue merle tri bulldogs.

Hand raised miniature english bulldog puppies for sale to approved homes at times. Breeders of champion english bulldogs french bulldogs and miniature english bulldogs. We are top blue bulldog breeders.

Shrinkabulls breeder of the cutest most beautiful wrinkly english bulldogs in the world. The first bulldog breed standard was written in london in 1879. Rare color english bulldog puppies we offer quality blue english bulldogs black english bulldogs chocolate english bulldogs blue tri black tri and chocolate tri bulldogs for sale.

Beta our black seal merle akc english bulldog stud. French bulldog puppies for sale to loving homes. After the english bulldog was outlawed for bullbaiting in 1835 the breed came near extinction until it was saved by breeders.

It is important that our customers know that there is a lot of color diversity in the english bulldog market but this list is only based on a color chart that only sandovs english bulldog produces in our genetics program at this time. The merle pattern in english bulldogs is no doubt controversial for a number of reasons. However it seems that most of the concern is due to the health issues associated with the gene.

So black liver blue or lilac in the coat eyes or nose will be merled. Selling show quality blue lilac merle rare exotic colored and champion sired english bulldog puppies. If you decide to make a pet purchase please you need to call for more information.

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